We have started 2020 with a bang, we are holding one of our first smile parties. It was something that first come to mind last year and we wondered how it would work. thrashing through many ideas and actually asking the question is it something that you would want. After putting the question to you it turns our you huns would love a Glam Veneer party.

What happens at a Glam Veneer Party?

We know that you are already glamourouss but you can never be too Glam right! So we have the perfect party package. We know that a glamorous party will need many bottles of bubbly, loads of crisps and chocolate and of course as many mould kits for clip on veneers as you may need.

Do I get my veneers are the party?

At the party our representative will have all of the equipment and materials required to get a great impression of your mouth. As our Glam Princesses will tell you it all starts with a great impression. The party takes all the stress and responsibility from you. So all you need to do is sit back enjoy your bubbly and let our representative make the model of your mouth. Your veneer will be ready to clip in your mouth after around 10 working days after the party day

Important Information

It is important to remember that
you will not receive your veneers on the day
you will however have your impression taken for you
you will have your model made
you will complete smile assessments
you will drink loads of bubbly
you will need to bring a tooth brush
you will have an amazing time

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