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Glam your teeth with our Elite Veneer. Everything you need to have a fantastic smile and more with hours spent on design and aesthetics this veneer will look and feel great. These veneers can also be worn as much as you like. You just have to treat them with great care.


What are Glam Veneers?

A Glam Veneer is a revolutionary product that requires no dental office or dentist and clips right over your current teeth. They are held in place securely with no glue .

  • Bespoke Custom Made
  • Revolutionary Material & Aesthetics
  • Much Cheaper than Cosmetic Dental Treatment
  • No Dentist
  • No Pain

Elite Glam Veneer Features

    • Micro Scaling
    • Micron Contouring
    • Elite Smile Design
    • Laboratory Direct Processing
    • 3D Dental Scanning
    • 3D Digital Design
    • Suitable For Missing Teeth
    • Suitable For Broken Teeth
    • Suitable For Chipped Teeth
    • Great For Whiter Smiles
    • Machine Buffed
    • Storage Case
    • Elite 10 Day Processing*
    • 100% Glamorous


The Shades

With three great shades choosing your clip on veneer has never been so easy.

Natural – This shade is an A1/B1 Shade a nice clean natural shade of tooth. This is the most natural shade. If you don't want your teeth looking like they have had some bleaching then this would be a great choice for you.

Natural White – This shade is our most popular. Compared to a BL3 its a beautiful bright clean white shade. This will look like you bleach your teeth.

Super White –  This shade is actually super white like BL1 more suited to beauty shows and people wanting that super bright white look. Almost all customers who buy this end up buying another set in Natural white.  These shade will light up the room. Sunglasses may be required 😉

Extended Warranty

Being Glamorous is not easy an you veneers could become lost or damaged, maybe the dog ate them; What ever it is, if you have the extended warranty we will replace your veneers no quibbles. Even if you loose or damaged them* terms apply.

Express Delivery

Important event, getting married?  broken your a tooth in an accident? Don’t worry we got you covered we can ship your teeth out with a maximum turn around of 72 hours from receiving your impression. The impression has to be usable. Don’t worry all express customers get bundles of material and we will happily assist through the whole process.


Your Glam Veneer

Your Glam Veneer is made out of a super high strength material. We guarantee that all of our veneers are made with the same high quality. What we cannot guarantee is how long they will last. They could last 2 weeks the could last 2 years. 

Your veneers will last as long as you want them to all depending on the care and attention that you have when handling and wearing your Glam Veneer. For example ensuring that they are removed properly. The guidelines state that you should use two fingers. Using only one finger to remove the device can cause a stress point which could snap or over time fracture your veneers.  There are many factors that will have an effect on the lifespan of your veneers. The general wear, how you handle them, what you eat in them, how you put them in and out. Your occlusion (how your teeth meet). Treat them well and they will be good to you. 

We have a lot of clients who are still wearing their veneers 2 years and longer.  Did you know that over time your teeth naturally move which could impact how your veneer fits. We can make you a spare set for £80. 

If you drop them on a hard floor, eat toffees, grind your teeth in them, bend them, stand on them and they will snap. You can order a spare set in our shop.


Additional information


Upper, Lower, Upper & Lower


Natural, Natural White, Super White


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