Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions about our veneers answered from our Glam team 

Can these work for people with missing teeth?

Yes, these are perfect for people with missing teeth.

Do they give you a lisp?

The veneers can give some people a slight lisp, this is because the veneer is new and the mouth is a very sensitive. The lisp will usually dissapear within a few days

Can you eat and drink whilst wearing these?

We don't recommend eating in any of our veneers, it can effect their life span. however if you did decide to eat in them, eating
salad, soup or any soft foods will not effect the veneers as much as if you ate tougher foods.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the veneer you purchased it can take from 10 - 30 days to process your veneers. This time frame is from when you provide a useable impression. 

Can you sleep in them?

It is not advised for you to sleep in the veneers, as bacteria will build up, making them unhygienic. Usually we would suggest, this to be the time to clean your veneers.

How Should you clean them?

Using a soft brush, we recommend a silicone brush with warm water. Also we recommend using our veneer cleaning tablets

How thick are the veneers?

The veneers are super thin with them being 0.4mm in some places. They can be up to 0.7mm in places like the adjacent areas where the missing teeth have been added.

Will they make my teeth stick out?

These clip on veneers cover your existing dentition, if your teeth already stick out then guess what they are still going to stick out. Although they will look a lot more glam. Its more about a visual illusion.  No matter what the veneers will feel a lout bigger than they are because of the sensitivity of your mouth. 
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