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Calling all glam guys and girls - Its time to smile like you never have before! How? Clip On Veneers!

Pain Free

No pain 100% gain with a beautiful new smile. 

Massive Savings

save up to 90% in comparison to cosmetic dentistry.  
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Clip on Veneers

Change the smile you have and smile like you never have before with our Glam Veneers

A Smile as unique as you

Welcome to the home of new smiles.  Our Glam veneers are the latest in removable clip in veneers used to change ordinary smiles into amazing, superbly glamorous perfect smiles.
Ordering our veneers online couldn't be more simple.  If you have missing, damaged, stained, chipped and even missing teeth then our super thin snap on smile will be perfect for you.

 With the latest blue light scanning technology and highly trained digital technicians we produced a beautiful, thin and true to life veneer. 
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Dentist Free
Pain Free
Whiter Teeth 
Straighter Teeth 
Missing Teeth 

Why Glam Veneers



    EAT & DRINK*







3 Great Shades

We have made choosing your shade real easy.


The more natural look  a1/b1


Our most popular shade- BL3


Real White whiter then BL1

Perfect Fitting Push in Veneers

Our veneers fit like a glamourpuss glove 

Glam Clip on Veneers

Each one of our Glam Veneers is made totally unique to you. It is bespoke in every aspect. Made from a copy mould of your mouth, which is digitised using the latest blue light technology, then designed by one of our elite digital technicians. 
The clip in veneer is made using the most advanced  resin, this resin benefits in helping to create veneers that possess life like properties.  
Our veneers are like permanent veneers just removable. A Glam Veneer is not the alternative vacuum formed gum shield style either! Pure Resin , Pure Design Pure Glam!
Natural white push on veneer fitted to model
Your Glam Veneer Order Process 
Step 1

Order Online

Select a Glam Smile that  is suitable for you.
Your Glam Veneer Order Process 
Step 2

Receive Your Impression Kit

We send you a kit with everything you  to take your impression.  Including a return shipping label when you're ready to return your impression. 
Your Glam Veneer Order Process 
Step 3

We Get To Work on Your Smile

Once we receive your impression back the glam magic starts to happen.  We make the model of your mouth and use our blue light technology and our digital wizards to create your Glam Veneer
Your Glam Veneer Order Process 
Step 4

 Bespoke Glam New Smile 

You receive your brand new  bespoke smile in the post ready to wear for a complete confidence boosting transformation.  
1 Order Online
2 Receive Your Kit

Return Impression
4 Custom Made Smile
clip in veneer

Start Your Smile Journey Today!

You can glam your smile with a Glam clip  on veneer through the whole of January for an amazing price 


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A Real Affordable Option

Did you know even the cheapest veneers from the dental office can cost from £400 per tooth. Thats excluding x rays and other treatment fees. 

What are veneers?

A veneer is basically a new cover for your tooth or teeth. They are made from different materials more commonly, porcelain, composite, or a resin. They are glued or bonded to the front of your existing teeth after they have been prepped, which basically means your tooth is shaved down. So you will always need to have veneers. Not with Glam Veneers. Our veneers clip over your current teeth so they can be removed and you don't need to have your teeth prepped meaning no permanent damage. 

What are Glam Veneers?

A Glam Veneer is a revolutionary product that requires no dental office or dentist and clips right over your current teeth. They are held in place securely with no glue .  

  • Bespoke Custom Made
  • Revolutionary Material & Aesthics
  • Much Cheaper than Cosmetic Dental Treatment
  • No Dentist
  • No Pain

What Can Glam Veneers be used for?

Our veneers can be used to fill missing teeth, give crooked smiles a straighter appearance. Whiten discoloured and make chipped teeth beautiful. 

Why Glam Veneers

  • Our Veneers are made with our unique material
  • Our material makes the veneers less bulky and more porcealin like.
  • Advanced Blue light and 3D technology.
  • A name you can trust
  • Advanced Digital Tecnicians

Your Glam Veneer

Your Glam Clip on Veneer is made out of a super high strength material. We guarantee that all of our veneers are made with the same high quality. What we cannot guarantee is how long they will last. They could last 2 weeks the could last 2 years.

Your veneers will last as long as you want them to all depending on the care and attention that you have when handling and wearing your Glam Veneer. For example ensuring that they are removed properly. The guidelines state that you should use two fingers. Using only one finger to remove the device can cause a stress point which could snap or over time fracture your veneers. There are many factors that will have an effect on the lifespan of your veneers. The general wear, how you handle them, what you eat in them, how you put them in and out. Your occlusion (how your teeth meet). Treat them well and they will be good to you.

We have a lot of clients who are still wearing their veneers 2 years and longer. Did you know that over time your teeth naturally move which could impact how your veneer fits. We can make you a spare set for £80.

If you drop them on a hard floor, eat toffees, grind your teeth in them, bend them, stand on them and they will snap. You can order a spare set in our shop.

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